Since 2013 is upon us, I will compile a list of my five favorite movies of the year. Please note that this list only contains the movies I’ve actually seen (obviously) and so there might be greater films I have yet to view that came out in 2012. Also, this list is in no particular order. With that said, let’s start.

1. Bourne Legacy

As a fan of the Matt Damon Bourne films and their realistic approach to the action movie genre and government conspiracy driven plots , I was happy to find that this movie lived up to the quality of previous installments. Jeremy Renner did a bang-up job of filling in the lead role, and while his character was not immediately as likable as Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne, I found myself rooting for Aaron Cross just the same. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but worth watching if you’re a fan of modern thrillers.


2. Skyfall

I have never seen any Bond films other than the Daniel Craig ones, so I’m speaking with no knowledge of how this film compares to its older siblings. What I can say is that this film hits all the right chords to stand out from an over-saturated crowd of faceless action films. With its emphasis on antiheroism (Daniel Craig’s Bond has a questionable moral compass), solid plot that carries the film, engaging and entertaining action sequences, top-noch music, spectacular acting from the whole cast, and an indomitable stage presence by the film’s lead actor (looking at you, Craig) make this a film to see.


3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Even though this movie was met with mixed reviews when it was released, I found it to be a masterful return to form on Peter Jackson’s part. I enjoyed the added pieces from the Silmarillion that Jackson artfully wove in, and the new actors for Bilbo and Thorin were perfect additions to the solid Lord of the Rings cast. While the slow pacing in the beginning could be considered a flaw, I didn’t find myself ever wishing for the plot to move along faster. The movie showed a happier time in Middle Earth, which made me stop to think of what darkness was to come. Overall, I found Hobbit to be a wonderful three hours spent.


4. Argo

A brilliant historical drama film that showcases the events of the Iran Hostage Crisis. The start of the film was tense and set the mood straight away. Midway through the flick we swap from the dark middle east to a more light-hearted Hollywood setting, and in the hands of a lesser director this could have been a disaster. Ben Affleck pulls it off with aplomb, though, to create the perfect mix of drama and comedy. Combine that with some great acting and truly tense moments and you have a film that is worth the time to watch.


5. Les Miserable

This recreation of Victor Hugo’s novel is brilliant. Right from the first shot of the camera sweeping up over a ship to reveal the mass of prisoners below, to the show-stopping performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” by Anne Hathaway, to the final number, this emotionally charged movie gets everything right. A must see and my candidate for film of the year.


Hopefully, if you haven’t seen some of these yet, my opinions will entice you to go and give them a watch. The films are all great in their own way, and deserved some attention.

Until next time, catch you later!