Welcome to Snapped-Off Mirror Studios.

A small production company based in CO, we’re passionate about creating fun, humorous, and well-made films that can be enjoyed again and again. The two men behind the studio are the Dearborn brothers. Since an early age both have been making small ridiculous films for their own amusement. While not what one would call good, these archaic films were the precursor to much grander endeavors.DuncanJoeFilming1

The elder brother, Joshua, takes up the mantle of director and script writer, often the driver of the whole operation. The younger, Chance, is known for his quirky roles in the films, and for his acute attention to audio editing post-production. Both share a group of dedicated friends and family who can always be relied on to help the brothers make the best possible product that they can.

We hope you have a great time here at snappedoffmirror.com and enjoy our movies!